West System 600 Disposable Static Mixer

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Brand: West System
Part Number: GOG-600-2
HM Order #: 729511

West System Product Line: #600-2: Measuring Dispensers for resin & hardener: Static Mixing Tips 2-pack.
Combines the strength and reliability of a two-part WEST SYSTEM0 epoxy in a point-and-shoot package. The self-metering coaxial cartridge meters the proper ratio of epoxy resin and hardener from a multi-chambered tube that fits in any standard caulking gun. Bonds to wood, metals, fiberglass and concrete. Six10's shear thinning properties make it "thinner" as it's worked. It can be easily tooled into a non-sagging fillet or used to wet out light to moderate reinforcing fabrics like fiberglass. The hardener provides a long open time but has fast thru-cure. Stays workable in the static mixer for 42 minutes, making it practical for long or complicated assemblies.