J-Boats & Triad Trailers

Hooper's Yachts is a J-Boat and Triad trailer dealer. We can sell you new J-Boats or Triad Trailers, even special ordering them to customize to your needs. 

Used Boat Brokerage

Not only is our yard full of used sailboats and powerboats, we have plenty of boats offsite in the major sailing locations in the Midwest. This includes: Bayfield, Green Bay, Wayzata, Lake City, Bayport, Stillwater, even South Dakota. We handle boats from dinghies, to blue-water vessels, sailboats fit for beginners or those with more experience, boats set up for cruising, racing, or project vessels to make your own. To find our list of used boats online, click on the Hooper's Yachts Boat Sales tab in the main menu.

Shrink Wrapping

We offer shrink wrapping for boat storage and or travel, pricing is by foot


Our 5 acre yard hosts the ability to make storing your boat quick and easy. With access to a store full of parts to maintain your vessel, experts who are available to help you if necessary and power to plug in any power tools you might need. Storing your boat at Hooper's Yachts is the easiest way to keep your boat safe in the winter. And best way to work on your boat in the summer. Pricing for storage is by foot. 

Boat/Mast Transport

If you need your boat transported, our hydraulic lift trailer is capable of picking up and moving any boat up to 34 feet. If you need a mast moved, we have specialized trailer specifically for moving masts. Pricing by mile. (our hydraulic lift trailer is similar to the one pictured below).


Hydraulic Swaging

Hooper's Yachts is the only local sailboat shop that offers onsite hydraulic swaging. We are able to swag standing rigging (shrouds), running rigging (wire halyards), lifelines, or industrial applications (deck railing wire). On site, we keep the necessary hardware for most sailboats, but have the ability to order other parts as well. Pricing is by job.


Hooper's Yachts refinishes hulls, decks, stripes & aluminum spars with Awlgrip, a linear polyurethane top coat that has excellent color retention, gloss retention and abrasion resistance. Awlgrip products is the choice of the marine industry as well as the aircraft industry. Pricing is by job.

Keel Fairing

We are able to fix any bottom issue your boat might have, including keel and rudder fairing. Pricing is by job.

Deck Cracks & Crazing Repairs

If your boat has soft spots, deck cracks, or fiberglass issues, Hooper's Yachts can repair it for you. Pricing is by job.