Samson XLS3 Double Braided Line

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An upgraded version of Samson's popular XLS line, the newly metric-sized XLS3 is built for the weekend cruiser who desires optimal performance in a recreational rope.
XLS3 Yacht Braid is a polyester/polyester double-braid rope which offers moderate stretch, high strength and easy handling. Samson made XLS3 stronger and more responsive than the original XLS, resulting in a better performing line. Now also available in 5mm and 11mm.

XLS3 is ideal for the cruising sailor who desires the better performance that comes with lower stretch compared to basic running rigging lines, as well as for the cruiser/racer for certain applications.
Use XLS3 as a stronger, lower stretch, more abrasion resistant product than standard yacht braids like Samson's time-honored LS rope.
It remains flexible under use, is colorfast and fade resistant, and has ultraviolet protection.

Compared to the original XLS, XLS3 has been recalibrated for accurate metric sizing, with resulting slight strength and stretch differences. Accurate metric sizing improves XLS3's fit and performance with a broad range of rigging hardware.

Cruisers and day sailors should use Samson's XLS3 for – halyards, mainsheets, spinnaker sheets, jib/genoa sheets, spinnaker guys, control lines, reef lines, dinghy control lines and davits.
This versatile line also has many applications outside the marine industry.

With the introduction of XLS3, Samson is also changing the way recreational marine lines are discussed by focusing on a more useful specification for sailors:   Elastic Stiffness – the resistance to stretch under load.
Until now, emphasis has been on the strength of a line. While strength is important, it is not indicative of what a sailor experiences during actual use.
Since Samson’s rope is already stronger than sailors need, they took their cue from professional racers who look at elastic stiffness as the most meaningful measurement of responsiveness in use. Each of Samson’s new running rigging lines now list elastic stiffness as one of their specifications, allowing sailors to be more discerning in their choice of rigging lines.
The higher the elastic stiffness value, the less a rope stretches in use.

• Flexible, good handling characteristics, excellent abrasion resistance
• Splicing technique: class I double braid splice
• Elastic elongation = 1.30% at 10% BL; 2.23% at 20% BL; 3.16% at 30% BL

12mm DiaMfg #435032905030 (Navy) #435032R05030 (Red)

11mm Dia. Mfg #435028805030 (White w/ blue tracer)

10mm Dia. Mfg #435026205030 (Black) #435026905030 (Navy) #435026805030 (White w/ blue tracer) #435026105030 (White w/ yellow tracer)

8mm Dia. Mfg #435020R05030 (Red) Mfg #435020005030 (White) Mfg #435020G05030 (Green) Mfg #435020B05030 Blue

6mm Dia. Mfg. #435026505030 (White w/ green tracer) #435016805030 (White w/ blue tracer) #435016905030 (Navy)

5mm Dia. Mfg. #435012405030 (White w/ red tracer) #435012805030 (White w/ blue tracer) #435012005030 (White)