Pettit Flagship High Build Varnish

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Traditional light amber hue. Contains 6 times more UV inhibitors. Highest build-up per coat. Extremely durable finish. Easy to apply. Flagship High Build Varnish 2015 features 6 times more UV inhibitors which in turn offers the best protection against the sun’s damaging rays. A special blend of phenolic and alkyd resins combined with tung and linseed oils offer excellent performance and a warm, light amber hue. Flagship High Build Varnish contains an ultraviolet light filter in conjunction with a light stabilizer to screen the sun’s damaging rays for longer life. Flagship High Build Varnish has the highest build and film depth per coat, as well as excellent abrasion resistance and a high gloss finish.

Size: 1 Quart

SKU No.: 93-2015Q