International Interfill 830 Lightweight Epoxy Filler Base

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Interlux Interfill 830 Fast Cure Epoxy Profiling Filler is a two-part epoxy filler that can be used above the waterline to prepare the surface prior to applying topside finishes, and can be used to fill pinholes between coats of two-part polyurethanes, due to its ability to trowel to a very fine, smooth finish. Interfill Epoxy Filler can also be used below the waterline to fill blisters and as part of a keel fairing system.

If Interfill Epoxy Filler is used below the waterline, it must be overcoated with four coats of Interprotect 2000E/2001E. The cured epoxy has excellent solvent resistance and will not be attacked by the strong solvent in two-part polyurethanes or epoxies.

NOTE: Interfill 830 is a TWO PART epoxy. In order for this product to work properly, the Fast Curing Agent MUST be purchased in addition to the Base.