Interlux VC 17m Antifouling Bottom Paint New Formulation

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Ideal for racing and cruising boats, the Interlux VC-17M is a high-performance antifouling paint that provides a thin film finish with its specially formulated fluoro micro-additive. This additive reduces friction and drag, two enemies of racing boats. VC17M dries quickly to a hard super smooth racing surface. The Interlux VC-17M provides a finish that with other products would take days with laborious sanding and reapplying. One coat is eighth times thinner than traditional boat bottom paint. VC-17M is made with metallic copper formula and Biolux technology to protect against all types of fouling including zebra mussels, algae, and more.

Interlux VC-17 new formulation is available in quart size and four popular colors. Note color may change after several weeks of immersion. (See chart below) Application of the VC-17M is easy and drying time is minimal. This means less downtime and quicker re-launch of your vessel. This product can also be used on inflatables to help increase the longevity of your inflatables.


  • Interlux VC-17m bottom paint provides thin film antifouling protection- ideal for racing sailboats and powerboats
  • Fluoro micro-additive produces low friction
  • Best for use in fresh and low-fouling salt water
  • Recommended for Inflatables
  • Biolux Technology will block both slime and algae growth

Pack Size: 1 US Quart. Not Available in Gallons.

Colors Available: Original,  Blue,  Red, V103E Black

Note: VC 17m Extra changes color after several weeks of immersion.

  • (Original): At application - copper bronze. Changes to brownish gray.
  • (Blue): At application - dark copper bronze. Changes to dark blue.
  • (Red): At application - reddish copper bronze. Changes to bright burnt red.
  • V103E (Black)