Harken McLube Sailkote 8oz

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SailKote makes sails, hulls, rigging, deck hardware, and anything that moves on your boat run smoother, work more efficiently and last longer.

For everything that slides! Easy-to-apply fast drying lubricant instantly bonds to any clean, dry surface, repelling salt, dirt and grime. SailKote greatly reduces friction, abrasion and drag from air and water, as well as surface-to-surface sliding, especially under high loads.

Five times as effective as other Teflon, silicone, petroleum or wax-based lubes, and lasts much longer. Most popular uses-mast tracks, hatches, drawers, sliding doors and windows, deck gear and sails. SailKote makes everything run more smoothly onboard (or off the boat—tons of non-boating applications).

Key Features

World class sailors across the globe from maxi-racers to sailboarders and kiteboarders are enjoying the benefits of SailKote's advanced dry lubrication technology
Dries quickly to a hard, smooth, ultra-slick, hydrophobic dry coating that bonds tenaciously to almost any surface
Because SailKote is a dry lubricant, it will not attract dirt or contaminants and will not transfer to other surfaces, or you
Use on sails to repel water and dirt
Use on hulls to reduce drag and waterline deposits
Apply it to mast tracks, sail slides, rudder blades, daggerboards and foils, hatches, telltales, battens, sliding doors and even on entire sails
Only dry lubricant specifically designed for marine use