Fireboy-Xintex Carbon Monoxide Alarm CMD5-MB

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The CMD5-M is available in battery-powered and 12/24v DC versions and each includes these unique features:

Industry first power supply

  • CMD5-MB Internal battery power – no external power required
  • CMD5-MD 12 or 24v DC operation with no voltage reducer required

Electrochemical sensor

  • Rapid start-up – no “burn-off” period
  • More stable sensing
  • Reduced false alarms
  • Extremely low current draw (<4 mA)

Modern Design for Inconspicuous Protection

  • Low profile design
  • Available in black or white versions

Multiple Location Warning

  • When one CMD5-MxI alarms, all connected CMD5-MxI alarms sound.

Generator Shutdown Protection

  • When dangerous CO levels are detected, the CMD5-MxI automatically shuts down the generator(s) when equipped with the optional RCM-5 Relay Control Module.

Contact Closure to Third Party Monitoring System

  • When the CMD5-MxI alarms, the relay contact can close a circuit to a third party system with the optional RCM-5 Relay Control Module.

Installation of the detector should be at eye level for easy monitoring and service.  The detector should not be mounted within one foot of corners or other “dead” air spaces or within five feet of any cooking appliance.