Fireboy-Xintex Carbon Monoxide Alarm CMD6-MB

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The CMD6-M is the most advanced marine CO alarm on the market, featuring a state-of-the-art sensor that is unaffected by common cleaning solvents. 

The ultra low current draw of the new sensor allows us to offer the only marine battery powered CO alarm on the Market. Experience Fireboy-Xintex quality and reliability on board:

  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Conformal coated circuit board for added protection
  • Time-weighted average CO measurement process
    constantly monitors all CO levels
  • Highly resistant to most chemicals, solvents & cleaners
  • Internal batteries or 12/24V DC models available
  • CMD6-M Marine and CMD6-R RV Series CO Alarms
    conform to UL STD 2034, Edition 4
  • Electrochemical sensor – immediate and stable sensing reduces false alarms
  • Ultra-low current draw – 4 mA
  • Long sensor life – Approx. 7 year end-of-life (EOL)
  • – Compact design for inconspicuous protection
    Modern design blends in with interior decor

    – Battery operated version requires no power wiring
    Reduced labor and material costs to install
    Maintenance-free lithium-metal batteries

    – Internal relay module available for generator shutdown or external signal

    – Interconnect multiple CMD6 CO alarms
    All connected CMD6-MxR Alarms sound together

    – Battery backup on 12/24V DC unit

    – RCM5 relay control module also available for use with CMD6

*Comes in white*