Davis Windex 15 Extra Mounting Socket - Part #3154

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WindTrak wind vanes are well-suited for boats from 15–100 feet and above (4.6 to 30 meters). Every WindTrak features a sapphire jewel suspension bearing, vane with a large fin and low inertia, and an easy-to-read, fully adjustable tacking tab system. Reflector tape on the vane and tabs makes WindTrak highly visible in low levels of light—easy to see at night.

WindTrak vanes are sturdy and durable, wind-tunnel tested to wind speeds of 80 knots! Installed properly, they offer many years of hassle-free use. WindTrak is the sailing industry standard.

All sailors appreciate the accurate sensitivity, time-tested durability, and best value that WindTrak provides. Next time you're on the water, look up and see what most sailors choose….WindTrak!
• Sapphire suspension system
• Large fin, low inertia vane
• Adjustable tacking tabs
• High visibility reflectors on vane and tabs
• The sapphire suspension bearing allows WindTrak to seek wind direction even in winds less than one knot.
• No other wind vane in the world is as sensitive to super light air and small puffs—or as responsive when the breeze picks up.

Some tips for using your WindTrak:
• Always assemble your WindTrak with Locktite® or use silicone seal on the threads to eliminate the possibility of the unit unscrewing in use from vibration.
• Prior to unstepping your mast, take your WindTrak down first.
• Periodically check the assembly screws holding your WindTrak together.
• Spare parts can be ordered from your local dealer or from Davis; identify which model you have before calling.
• Lubrication is never needed, but years of salt or dirt build-up should be rinsed off with fresh water occasionally.
• Use our Universal Masthead Mount, #1705, for installations requiring more room at the masthead. This mount extends WindTrak away from the masthead up to 12 inches (30 cm).
• Add a WindTrak LED Light #3200 for nighttime sailing.