Pettit SeaGold Marine Wood Treatment

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Available in Satin or Gloss. Easier to apply than old fashioned synthetic finishes. Quick dry, apply 3 to 4 coats per day. Can be applied over varnish. Will not hide wood grain. No smell, no mess, easy soap and water clean up. UV inhibitors provide long lasting finish. SeaGold brings marine wood finishes into the 21st century. Offering the beauty and durability of varnish, the ease of use of synthetic wood treatments, all while being low-odor and user friendly. SeaGold protects the wood using UV stable resins combined with added UV inhibitors as well as transparent pigments to provide a long lasting finish that will not turn brown or orange with exposure to the elements. SeaGold enhances the beauty of the wood and its translucent amber color does not hide or blur the wood grain. 

Size: 1 Quart

SKU No.: 93-2040Q