Ancor 16-14 AWG Nylon Ring Terminal - 6 Pack

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*Pack of Six*

Ancor's Marine Grade™ terminals are designed for harsh marine conditions

Yes, you could crimp on less expensive terminals designed for automotive use on your boat, but isn't it worth a little extra peace of mind when you're far from shore to know that your electrical connections are built to withstand the extra abuse they'll get on the water? Ancor Nylon Ring Terminals are Marine Grade so you can rely on them to securely connect your vessel's electrical system.

Nylon insulators are a good choice because they are easy to crimp and won't split, making it necessary to add tape or to crimp on another terminal. The funnel entry barrels are designed to tightly grip the wire with the least effort.

Tinned copper is used for the conductor because it offers the least electrical resistance while offering the most corrosion protection.

  • Nylon insulated with insulation grip
  • Double crimp, funnel entry
  • UL 486C